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Our mission is to support as many local & Canadian businesses as possible. Our produce is sourced from Patchwork Gardens as much as possible, otherwise, it is purchased from a local produce business that has been in Kingston since 1923.
We believe that there are so many cool/awesome/amazing businesses in Canada, thats why we try our best to bring in primarily Canadian products!
Why not support each other right? Here's a few you'll find around the store:
ChocoSolMatcha NinjaGorp BarsAgape Kombucha, Kaia Naturals, Rebels Refinery, Urban Hippie Granola, Woodlot, etc. 



We believe that being healthy & environmentally friendly goes hand in hand. Some of the ways we try and stay as sustainable as possible are: 
we use compostable bags, cups, forks/knives/spoons. Our juice pulp does not go to waste, it is re-used in our delicious smoothies or vegan deserts. In our first year of opening we served up over 7K vegan meals - which translates to roughly 2,409,000 gallons of water saved and 2,190 animal lives. (cc: vegan calculator)
How can you help us, help the planet? It's easy. We have implemented a bottle return program: the price of your bottle is included in your juices over all cost, however, for every 8 bottles that you return to us - you get a 50% off 8oz juice of your choosing!

Visit our profile on Sustainable Kingston to see our on-going action plans. 

* Winner of "Environmental Sustainability For Downtown Kingston" 2017 Award



Life is too complicated already, we like to keep things simple.We've gone back to basics: 100% raw, organic, fruits, veggies, spices, nuts and seeds. 

All food + drink that you find at SW is 100% gluten free, vegan + nutritionist approved.

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