How We Got Here


It all started in 2014...

While going to school to get her undergrad in Psychology, Jehna (founder/owner) received a gift that would change her whole life: her first juicer. Working part time at a holistic clinic, studying to finish school (+ two certification programs to become a nutritionist), and spending the rest of her time obsessing over nutrition, Jehna did not have a lot of free time to practice what she was trying to preach
- a health lifestyle. 
It didn't take her long to realize that making juice was the best way for her to get an abundance of nutrients on-the-go. That a couple hours of juicing left her with 3 days worth of vitamins that gave her the energy she needed during this busy time in her life.  
Her friends and family soon became intrigued by her new found love of juicing and started placing orders. It wasn't long before one of her closest business-owning friends (hint, hint: the great @CarlyStong) sat her down and explained that she was destined to be a business owner and she would do whatever she could to help out. 
Six months later, (with a lot of hard work + help from the best family/friends a girl could ask for) SimplyWell was launched as an online & wholesale business. Six months after that on November 14th, 2015 - our first location officially opened at 34 Princess Street!