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Are you thinking about growing your family?

Acupuncture improves fertility by reducing stress and the disruptive hormonal stress responses in both women and men.  High stress elevates cortisol and other chemicals which can disrupt normal production of all reproductive hormones, sleep cycles, sperm production, ovulation function, and other reproductive syndromes such a PCOS, endometriosis, and thyroid dysfunction.  Acupuncture is excellent in conjunction with IVF therapy.  
Recommended sessions are weekly for 6 to 12 weeks and perhaps longer depending on the severity of symptoms.




Acupuncture restores the circulation of Qi, blood and lymph to the stomach and intestinal area through the use of specific acupoints.  Treatments stimulate the release of the body’s anti-inflammatory chemicals and hormones to reduce inflammatory conditions such as: stomach ulcer, reflux, nausea, colitis, IBS, and other pathologies associated with chronic inflammation.

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Many meridians go to the face and head.  Qi (energy, blood, lymph and other fluids) flow along these meridians.  Jill uses an AcuLift Derma roller and micro needls as well as regular body points, to stimulate this flow of Qi along the meridians.

Some of the benefits are:
Tones facial muscles which lift saggy skin
Reduces fine lines and puffiness
Reduces redness, rashes, scars, stretch marks.
Increases circulation to the skin and body in general.

The Acupuncture stimulation actually builds collagen which fill in the fine lines.

The overall benefits:
Complete Acupuncture treatment
Enhances natural glow of face
Addresses the cause of acne, stress lines, puffiness etc. with the expert diagnosis of underlying causes.


SimplyWell is now offering on-the-go Nutrition Advice from our Nutritionists.
If you would like to dietary advice, please fill out the form below and a member of our practitioner team will get back to you!


Are you ready to make some health changes, but don't know were to start? Are you stuck in a food rut? Just not sure what you should be eating? Our certified nutritionist, Jehna, can help! Her passion is healthy eating. She has been helping others with their food choices for 4 years and loved every minute of it. She thinks it is so satisfying to help people through their large and smaller meal changes. She takes your current lifestyle and way of eating and make small changes to start, then works at your pace to move towards larger meal plan changes.
Why doesn't she make huge leaps into healthy eating? It's not practical!
She is constantly hearing from her clients and friends that they attempted healthy eating and then fell off the wagon, got discouraged and then went back to their old ways - or worse, they felt so defeated they binge-ate "junk food" meals. This is what we're aiming to avoid! Let's make changes that work for you and your lifestyle.

Sound like something you can benefit from? 

She  starts with a review of your current day-to-day eating. Be honest. This is the most key part of our work together. If she doesn't have a realistic impression of where you're at, then she can't give you my 100% honest help. Don't eat breakfast? That's ok, lets work around that. Not a fan of chickpeas? No need to eat them, we'll find something else! She has seen everything! No need to be embarrassed or worried that she's judging. You'll work together to make this a life changing experience for you. 
Step 2: she'll send you a copy of a 2 week meal-by-meal guide. Once we're at week 1.5, you'll review what is working for you, and what isn't! She'll assess how you're feeling and what changes you are ready for. Did we mention, you'll have constant contact with her? She's available to all her clients via text if you have any food questions! Send her pictures of the meals you've created! Send her questions/comments/whatever will help you get excited about eating healthy! She's on a health journey as well, it's easier if you're in it together.
Week 2: new meal-by-meal plan based off your results from weeks 1-2.
Your work together continues on a week-to-week basis until you're feeling confident and ready to take control of your meal planning. She has worked with clients for 1 week all the way up to 2 years. Every person is different, some like the ease of the meal plan, they have busy days and don't want to think of it - some just want a reference point! 

So what does it cost? Payment on a week-by-week basis. First two weeks are valued at $95. Each meal plan following is $65 and includes recipes, water in-take, tips & tricks, my nutrition coaching. 

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