Many of us struggle to find a happy medium between being health conscious and living in a fast food world. This has a lot to do with our constant on-the-go living and misinformation. We are advocates of keeping your life as full as you would like it to be while still maintaining a healthy diet.

At SimplyWell, we went back to basics and made health simple: 100% raw, organic, fruits, veggies, spices, nuts and seeds. Our passion is creating delicious, cold-pressed juices from fresh, organic ingredients to provide the nutrients you need on the go.


We believe that looking at health from a holistic perspective makes the most sense. Your body is not composed of singular parts. It is a whole system that functions together. Making simple positive changes in your diet will help your body function better overall. It has worked for us and we know it can work for you too!


We believe that being healthy & environmentally friendly goes hand in hand. One of the ways we show this is the use of glass bottles to minimize waste. To make our sustainable dreams come true, we need your help. We have implemented a bottle return program. The price of your bottle is included in your juices over all cost, however, for every 8 bottles that you return to us - you get a 50% off 8oz juice of your choosing free!

Visit our profile on Sustainable Kingston to see our on-going action plans. 



Our mission is to support as many local & Canadian businesses as possible. Our produce is sourced from Patchwork Gardens as much as possible, otherwise, it is purchased from a local produce business that has been in Kingston since 1923. Some more Canadian businesses we support: ChocoSol, Matcha Ninja, Gorp BarsAgape Kombucha, etc.