Holistic Nutrition Consultations

At SimplyWell, we are fortunate to be able to provide you with healthy eating options as well as professional advice to go along with it.

If you have been in contact with a member of our staff and have a scheduled appointment with either Devon or Jodie, please fill out the in-take form below.

Appointment Types

60 Minute Nutrition Consultation 

Initial Consult: $90.00
Follow-up: $65.00  

Our 60 minute nutrition consultation gives you a holistic perspective to your bodies current standing and how you can work towards your goals. 

Allergy Test + 30 Minute Consultation 


The blood spot allergy testing for IgG/IgA provides a simple and practical means to uncover foods causing allergic reactions and allergy related disease.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis + 20 Minute Consultation 


Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a reliable method of screening body composition.  In seconds, we can accurately measure your body's hydration level,  lean muscle mass and body fat. A small electric signal is circulated through your body while you stand on the Bioelectrical impedance analysis scale and the resistance measures your results. (15 minute appointment)

Hair Mineral Analysis + 30 Minute Consultation 


Hair Mineral Analysis is screening test to measure the levels of up to 60 essential minerals and toxic metals.  With correct testing and interpretation, one can construct a comprehensive metabolic profile of the human body.

Hair is an excellent biopsy material. It is easy to sample, easily preserved and transported, represents a soft tissue of the body, and is a storage and eliminative tissue.  As hair grows it forms a permanent record of the body’s nutritional deficiencies or excesses.

To schedule an appointment, please email: info@simply-well.ca or call 613-888-4871