How We Got Here

SimplyWell has been a developing concept in the mind of the owner (Jehna Duncan) for many years now. Jehna went through a bad spout with her health in 2011 when she moved to the United-States for school. When she later returned from travels from England in 2013, her health worsened. After many visits to the hospital and no results, Jehna took it upon herself to seek out holistic solutions.

Ever since, Jehna has used the power of holistic health care to not only re-gain her health but to help others as well. Through the process of starting SimplyWell, Jehna has learned the power of networking and the high value of customer care. These two values paired with her love for local businesses, simplicity, sustainability and holism have come to be the fundamentals of SimplyWell.

With these morals SimplyWell products are ensured to be of the highest quality. This quality and care does not end with the creation of juice - but it is continued through the delivery process, by providing nutrition advice to their valued customers before and after their purchases, and with all things SimplyWell related.

The SimplyWell Team 


Devon Cosgrove
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Live Cell Microscopist & Chartered Herbalist

Devon has been passionate about food and their amazing healing powers her whole life. Becoming a Nutritionist with The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and an Herbalist with The Dominion Herbal College in Burnaby, BC. Was a natural fit for her. She adores cooking and finds creative ways for her to coach her clients to use their kitchens as a health centre in their own homes.

Through her years in practice, Devon has become very aware of the importance of healthy aging, blood sugar balancing and reducing inflammation in the body. When the body is balanced and inflammation is extinguished, the body can thrive and radiate health for many years.

Devon is First Line Therapy Trained with Metagenics. This training helps her coach her clients with lifestyle interventions to reduce the instance of cardio-metabolic disorders, lipid imbalances and weight issues.

The role of safe detoxification plays a major role in her practice. When you support the 3 phases of detoxification pathways, you reduce the risk of many diseases, balance your weight and feel more energized.

Devon lives with her family of 4 awesome teenagers, her loving husband Rick and her muppet/dog Milo.


Jehna Duncan
Owner, B.A., Certified Sports Nutritionist & Certified Diet Analyst

After graduating from SUNY Potsdam with a BA in Psychology, Jehna began working at Full Circle Health Network (a holistic based clinic) and became a Certified Diet Analyst, Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

During this time Jehna became fully engulfed in the world of juicing. She saw it as the perfect fit to integrate with her belief in a plant based holistic lifestyle which she has used to not only re-gain her health, but changed her outlook on life.

Jehna launched SimplyWell in May 2015 as an online & delivery juice service. Now SimplyWell has expanded to a brick and mortar location at 34 Princess. 

Jehna's focuses at the store are: the development of new juice creations, recipes, searching for fun local products to bring in, product knowledge & information, business management, social media management, nutritional information, all while keeping the store as sustainable as possible with waste reduction strategies. 

On her spare time, Jehna enjoys spending time with friends and family, her adorable shorkie Walter, doing yoga & creating fun new veggie-based recipes!