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Healthy Transformation - Weight Loss Program

Sometimes we get to a point in our life when “enough is enough” and we’re ready to make a change. We don’t know how, or what to do - but we know it’s time. This time is important, your onto something - something that your body & soul need. Don’t ignore it, move towards it. 

Lets move towards that change together. Together we can create long lasting results. 

Results that don’t only create weight loss, but a lifestyle change coupled with an understanding of your WHY. Why you’re making this change. Why you’re eating the right foods for your body. Why those fad diets don’t work and why you’re going to stick with this change even after this program is over. 

Lets kick the fad-diet mentality to the curb and get back to the basics. Start understanding our food again so that you can make sense of what you’re eating! 

Join me on this 30-day journey to the best version of ourselves. We’ll make big strides towards our weight loss goals and create a healthier version of ourselves. 

Please note that this is a non-judgmental, inclusive program.

Program description: 

The SimplyWell Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program was designed for individuals who are looking to make a lifestyle change they can stick too. This accountability program will guide you through the process of understanding the following: 

  • How to eat properly for your own body

  • Why we’re recommending these food choices 

  • Why the fad diets haven’t worked in the past

  • Bringing you back to an awareness and connection with yourself and your body. Re-learning what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.

  • Establishing a mind-body connection 

  • Creating a workout routine that is achievable, sustainable AND fun!

What To Expect

  • An non-judgemental, approachable environment 

  • A custom plan. We’re meeting you where you’re at, where you’re at is the perfect place to start your health journey. 

  • Weekly meal plans 

  • Daily phone check-in’s 

  • Weekly face-to-face meetings

  • Weekly workouts 

  • Daily goal setting 

What You’re Committing Too

  • Putting health first

  • Self-care 

  • Being honest with yourself and your program leader 

  • The goal of feeling better than ever! 


  • For signing up for this program, you’ll receive a FREE 3-Pack of Salt Therapy Passes! 

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this application and our team will get back to you soonest!

Earlier Event: February 24
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