Plant-Based 101

Plant-Based 101


Becoming plant-based has its challenges. What to eat? What supplements to take? Am I doing it right? Is it actually healthy?

SO many questions!

The answer to all of those questions is not the same for everyone! It’s important to get to know your body and come up with the best version of what being plant-based means for you! This plant-based starter kit is the perfect place to explore different eating variations, create your own recipes & combinations - all while having a supportive program guides to back you up!

What does the Starter Kit include?

  • 30 Day Plant-Based Meal Guide (for more information click here)

  • 1 month supply of supplements (all plant-based):

    • SunWarrior Vanilla protein

    • Genestra B-12

    • Plant-source EPA-DHA

  • Two 30 minute consultations with Jehna (Certified Nutritionist)

Program value: 349.99
You pay: $179.99 ($170 savings!)


*please consult your doctor prior to taking any supplements, by purchasing this package, you are alleviating SimplyWell Living from any health risks associate with dietary changes or supplement intake.

  • What steps do I take before purchasing?

    • Please consult your doctor prior to making dietary changes or taking supplements

    • Review list of ingredients & ensure that you are not allergic to the products

    • If you have food intolerances or allergies, it is important to change the plan accordingly

  • How do I know these supplements are right for me?

    • These are general supplements that were chosen thoughtfully to accommodate plant-based people. There is no guarantee that these will be the right match for you.

  • How will I know how much to take of which supplement?

    • There is a Supplement Guide in the package that outlines the products and gives you a guideline of how much of each product to take.

  • When will I feel the effects of the program?

    • Each person is different. Some people might notice a difference within days, some people might take longer. Know that there is no “right amount of time” to feel a change. Listen to your body and

  • Will I loose weight?

    • While switching over to a plant-based diet most people experience weight loss. This is not a weight loss program, therefore it is not a guarantee and should not be the focus.

  • What if I’m not interested in using the supplements?

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