Summer Solstice Charity Celebration 

SimplyWell and Holistic Rain co-host an annual Summer Solstice Charity Celebration to raise money for local charities. Each year, we choose a different local charity that aligns with our business values. All of the participants – performers, practitioners, and vendors – donate their proceeds to the chosen charity. It is incredible to watch our community join forces to make a difference and support each other!

As business owners we recognize that the Kingston community keeps us going, therefore it is important for us to give back in any way we can. Through the Solstice Celebration, we bring people together to share in the beautiful Summer Solstice energy. Solstice is a time of celebration, intensity, renewal, great potential, and honouring the light in ourselves and each other and our deep connection with the Sun and Mother Earth.

We are all connected: people, the planet, and the sun. If we align ourselves with the power in others and in the natural forces around us, what we are unable to do on our own can be made to happen through the powerful energy of collective consciousness. That’s what this evening is all about. Uplifting each other.

Past charities: Loving Spoonful, Peace In Mind, Changes For Families In Need