One SimplyWell’s best sellers is our add-on Cocowhip! Everyone is obsessed with it! It’s so delicious and simple, and of course healthy! You guys are going to be so shocked at how easy it is to make and that it only takes T W O ingredients!



- 1 Tetra pack of coconut milk

* t i p:  you want to feel around for the fattiest pack. The more fat, the better. If you can’t find a tetra pack, you can always switch to a can. The ratio would be off because of the smaller size. It is also harder to tell when a can is fatty vs. a tetra pack.

  • 2 Table spoons coconut sugar

  • 1 splash pure vanilla


Add all ingredients to the blender at the same time. Turn blender to low for approximately 10 seconds to get the clumps moving. Turn the blender to high for another 10 seconds. If the tetra pack was very fatty you will see the whip stop moving, make sure to turn it off right then. If there was an equal ratio of coconut fat to milk in the pack, the 20 seconds of blending should be enough. Poor into a bowl with a lid and place in fridge for 20 minutes before serving for the perfect whip consistency!

WARNING: do NOT over blend. If it is over blended, it will churn and turn into a coconut butter.




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